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Northern Kentucky's #1 Liquid Waste Hauler

-All of your non-hazardous liquid waste needs under one roof.-




We provide a complete solution for liquid waste collection, processing and compliance for all types of non-hazardous liquid waste generators.
From industrial liquids, food wastes, leachate, grease trap services, grit, lint, municipal sludge, to septic; We can meet all your non-hazardous liquid waste and transportation needs.
Fully permitted and staffed with trained professionals, Derby City Environmental customers can be confident in the ethical handling of their waste materials.
As our customer, your environmental compliance will be held at our highest priority. From collection to processing and electronic record keeping, our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes when working with a company that treats Service and Compliance as the cornerstones of the business.

Locally Owned, Locally Managed,

and Locally Operated!


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